Channel Divinity: Turn Undead Cleric Feature
You sear undead foes, push them back, and root them in place.
 Encounter ✦ Divine, Implement, Radiant
 Standard Action  Close burst 2
   (5 at 11th level, 8 at 21st level)
 Target: Each undead creature in burst
 Attack: Wisdom vs. Will
 Hit: 1d10 + Wisdom modifier radiant damage, and you push the target a number of squares equal to 3 + your Charisma modifier. The target is immobilized until the end of your next turn.
 Increase damage to 2d10 + Wisdom modifier at 5th level, 3d10 + Wisdom modifier at 11th level, 4d10 + Wisdom modifier at 15th level, 5d10 + Wisdom modifier at 21st level, and 6d10 + Wisdom modifier at 25th level.
 Miss: Half damage, and the target is not pushed or immobilized.
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